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Freshy Farm, Louang Pra Bang, Laos

'FRESHY FARM' = Organic farming: To us it is vital to promote the nature of seasonal fruit in order to supply to market with a quality and organic source of fruit. 

Organic fruits grow at FRESHY FARM: Mainly Oranges, Seedless lime, Lemon, Purple Dragon Fruit, Papaya.

Future Plantation: Organic Vegetables.


Louang Pra Bang, Laos.


One of the organic farming that enhance and promote sustainable faming at the region. With 100ha+ of nature hilly land and elevation more than 300m above sea level enable us to grow juicy ORANGES.


The right sources of mineral water spring and cool temperature for all year round allows our oranges to grow healthily and to have a unique taste.

Orange picking season is from early November to late January of each year.

'FRESHY FARM' supply oranges to local market and dealer whom promote organic farming. 

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